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KLS company News    

No.Publish Date Title
1August 12, 2021By July 2021, KLS sales have reached the total amount of whole year 2020
2July 26, 2021KLS has doubled its warehouse area
3June 8, 2021KLS sales volume increase
4April 15, 2021KLS start big sales for motors and pump
5February 1, 2021KLS had 2020 Year-end Celebration and Commendation
6December 31, 2020KLS Sales volume increase 25% than 2020
7August 6, 2020KLS holds a fire lecture in Oct 2020
8February 1, 2020KLS had 2019 Year-end Celebration and Commendation
9September 1, 2019KLS department employees organize travel to Vietnam in 2019
10May 8, 2019KLS start cooperatation with famous manufacture in India
11March 4, 2019KLS In Russian Moscow Electronics Show. (Time:15~17 April 2019)
12February 10, 2017KLS In Russian Moscow Electronics Show. (Time:25~27 APRIL 2017)
13October 19, 2016KLS In Munich Electronics Show (Time:November 8-11,2016)
14April 29, 2016KLS In India Electronics Show (Time:2016-9-21~2016-09-23)
15February 18, 2016KLS In Russian Electronics Show.(Time:2016-3-15~2016-03-17)
16March 3, 2015KLS In India Electronics Show Time: September 09-11,2015.
17January 17, 2015Welcome to KLS In RUSSIA Electronics Show.(Time:2015-03-24~2015-03-26)
18August 29, 2014KLS In Germany Electronics Show.(Time:2014-11-11~2014-11-14)
19November 14, 2013KLS has been granted ISO9001 management system certifications.
20March 15, 2013KLS In Brazil Electronics Show.(Time:2013-04-01~2013-04-05)
21March 15, 2013KLS In Russian Electronics Show.(Time:2013-3-26~2013-03-28)
22February 4, 2013KLS Holiday Notice 2013!
23December 26, 2012KLS all staff wish you merry christmas and happy 2013 new year!
24November 26, 2012KLS In Turkey Electronics Show Time: 29 November ~ 2 December 2012.
25July 8, 2012KLS Corporate Activities: Climb Jiufeng Mountain
26April 15, 2012KLS In Ukraine Electronics Show
27April 10, 2012KLS In Russian Electronics Show
28March 18, 2012KLS 10 Anniversary Celebration
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