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Quality Guarantee    

Quality Guarantee

The strategic management of KLS includes consistent quality management.  A fundamental part of the corporate philosophy is to deliver products and services of the highest quality every day
and at the same time  adapt them to the dynamic rules of  international markets. This applies not only to the continuous optimization of each individual product, but also  the cross-departmental
improvement of all company processes: from research and development to planning, purchasing, manufacturing, sales,  logistics  and environmental policy - always with the clear goal in mind 
of  guaranteeing our customers long-term satisfaction worldwide.

Product R&D

There exists a professional R&D team that can participate in customized designing , learn about the demands of customers and provide the relevant solutions. KLS can provide customized products designing plan, offer 2D,3D drawings and 3D printed samples quickly to facilitate the structural Simulation verification of early customized products, to speed up the product developing and to cut the cost.


KLS possesses autonomous processing workshop and hundreds of exported processing equipment with the scale of a medium mold processing factory.

Metal Stamping

The quality terminal is the key component for quality terminal blocks. KLS strictly monitors the stamping process to assure precise metal components.
Sheet metal that is between 0.1mm - 4.0mm thick is commonly used in production.

Plastic injection

Plastic molds are designed and made by KLS engineers .
Housing for insulation purposes or overmolding applications are developed on a regular basis. Different colors and specific plastic materials are available upon request.

Surface Treatment

Surface treatment is a critical process for terminal blocks because as it helps improve resistance to corrosion and conductibility. 
Cu, Ni, Sn, Au, Ag and Zn plating is carried out in Dinkle factory frequently and customized plating or partial plating is available upon request. KLS strives to provide quality products while meeting tough environment standards set by the local authorities.

Product Assembly

Characteristics of the industrial control market include small quantities , large varieties and short lead-times. In order to respond quicker to the market, three types of production methods (automation assembly, automatic assembly and manual assembly) are being adopted for different types of product ranges.

The automation assembly line and semi-automatic assembly machines are made by the engineers in the Automation department where every, assembly step is strictly monitored to assure the best results. Manual assembly is the most flexible assembly method and specific fixtures are used to facilitate the production quality and efficiency.

Product Test

KLS’s lab equipped with amounts of advanced test devices and equipment which can operate all the test to terminal products according to the standard.

Product Pack

KLS adopts the highest packaging standard to ensure that every product to the customer is intact,
which is beyond the ordinary company's ability, and
KLS's packaging is the best.


 Broadest product Stocked selection:150,000 plus, There are new products added every day.

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